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JobKeeper Registration Process

JobKeeper Registration Process

If you have an ABN you may be eligible for the current JobKeeper program via the ATO, under the stimulus package which is worth $750 per week pre-tax.  To be eligible you must not be employed elsewhere as a full time, part time worker or long-term casual (over 12 months) employee and must be actively using your ABN. 

i.e.  If you are working for someone on wages and any of the above employment types apply, you cannot apply for jobkeeper under your ABN.  You may however be entitled via your employer; however, this is up to your employer to determine and they will contact you if applicable.

To be eligible for JobKeeper you must have also had a downturn in trade in your business of at least 30%.  The downturn can be assessed over a one-month period in comparison to the previous year or over one quarter period.  The programme will run for 6 months, hence even if you are ineligible at the moment, you may become eligible in June and would therefore be able to apply for 4 months of payments at that stage.  Please be very aware that the ATO will be checking claims against past history and you may only claim if you fit the criteria or you will have to pay back any funds that you were not entitled to.

We are here to help guide you through all these processes, as we understand that there is a lot of information out there and it is extremely confusing and stressful.  Please note due to these unprecedented times, we have been inundated with calls for assistance, please be patient as we are trying to respond to everyone as quickly as possible.  Hence sending us the requested information as per the above will speed up the process.

If you believe you are eligible, you have two options in order to apply for assistance.  You need to enrol now, but are unable to actually apply until 4/5/2020. The ATO is yet to release the application site, hence we are unsure how easy or difficult it will be to apply once the site is available. 

  1. Enrol and apply for JobKeeper yourself using the ATO business portal

  2. Provide evidence of your income to our office and we can prepare the relevant forms and apply for the payments on your behalf.  The cost of the application will be time based and not charged at a set fee.  We understand that anyone needing assistance with the program, is applying for financial reasons and we are therefore very conscious of keeping costs to a minimum, as always. 

If you would like us to assess or apply on your behalf, we will need you to send evidence of your gross income banked for January to April 2019 and January to April 2020.  This will need to be as per your bank statements with the amounts of income highlighted.  Once we have the details, we will be able to ascertain as to whether you qualify for jobkeeper.  If you qualify for payments, we will then start the JobKeeper process and send you the required paperwork for signing.

We will also need the BSB and account numbers for each of you for where you would like your refunds to be deposited to as the ATO will pay the funds directly into your bank account if eligible.

If you are already receiving Centrelink benefits, please check with Centrelink on the effect Jobkeeper may have, so that you can determine the best program for you, based on your individual circumstances. Jobkeeper benefits are worth $750 each week which is about $200 more than the Centrelink options.   You can only receive jobseeker via Centrelink or JobKeeper via the ATO, you cannot receive both.

If you are ineligible and have lost income due to COVID19, you may be entitled to Centrelink payments and we recommend that you contact Centrelink or apply online to assess your eligibility.   

We are updating our Facebook page with information on a regular basis.  Please also refer to this if you have queries.

If you have any further questions, please give me a call.

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