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Financial Planning

We see Financial Planning as a journey. From the early years when borrowings are high and savings must be carefully planned, through the accumulation years when debt levels reduce and savings capacity increases and finally into the ret irement years when careful planning from the previous phases bears the fruit of financial security.

The need for quality financial advice has never been greater.

Evolving financial markets and regulatory regimes means more investment alternatives and clients need a financial planner that combines expertise with quality advice and service. We strive to provide integrated financial solutions, proactive advice and service in all facets of financial planning. Our detailed knowledge of the taxation laws also ensures your finances are structured in the most tax effective and secure manner.

Financial planning involves formulating a strategy tailored specifically to your financial needs and resources taking into account your age, lifestyle, investment experience, risk profile and investment time horizon.

Our aim is to assist you to secure and build your financial future. The process involves a series of meetings and discussions where our financial planners take you carefully through each step of the process:

  • Initial Meeting
  • Fact Finding (Information Gathering)
  • Preparation of a Financial Plan (Statement of Advice)
  • Meeting to Discuss the Financial Plan
  • Plan Implementation

Our commitment to your financial security goes well beyond the initial financial plan. It is important not to ‘set and forget’ so as your needs and circumstances change, we adjust the original strategic recommendations to accommodate the changes in your life.

In consultation with you, we will regularly review the performance of your investments and make recommendations based on current trends, changes in laws and your circumstances. The regularity of periodic reviews will be agreed with you depending on your particular needs and circumstances.

Please note we are not financial planners but can refer you to planners that we trust and have dealt with for many years.  They are good at what they do whilst we are good at tax planning and tax advice.  Our planners can meet with you in our office or theirs and we do not receive any form of kickback from them as we pride ourselves on recognising ouor clients needs and not just chasing the dollars.