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Loans & Mortgages

Our strategic alliance with a leading group of mortgage brokers provides our clients with acc ess to over 30 lending institutions who offer hundreds of different loan products.

With around 40% of Australian loans now sourced through mortgage brokers, the service is designed to:

  • Provide you with loan funds at interest rates lower than the ‘Major Lenders.’
  • Show you the most effective way to cut years (and tens of thousands of dollars) off your debt.
  • Ensure your loan is individually structured to meet your needs.
  • Our specialist finance brokers offer an obligation-free assessment of any current mortgage you may have.

As a guide, the brokers can assist you with finance applications for:

  • Home Loans
  • Refinancing
  • Commercial Loans
  • Investment Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Non-Conforming Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Debt Consolidation

When borrowing funds, you need to speak to someone who knows about finance and all the ins and outs.  Mark Attard of MDA Financial Services is based in Croydon and is our recommended broker.  His contact details are 9725 5169 or